Anemia is the lack of oxygenated blood in the body, which causes hematic insufficiency. In other words, it is the reduction in the amount of hemoglobin or red cells in the organism, which can be motivated by the lack of Iron - the most common one, Vitamin B12 or Folic acid - complex B, some worms and certain diseases.
"Acute" anemia - this is caused by direct blood loss due to bleeding, uncontrolled menstruation, etc.

The symptoms of anemia are:
- Pallor of the skin, eyelids, lips, nails, gums...
-Spoon-shaped nails, due to lack of iron.
- Brittle hair.
- Breathing and heartbeat more frequent than normal.

Main causes: Anemia is caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood, the main cause being a lack of iron - which is the main component of hemoglobin in the blood.
Other causes of anemia are: lack of protein, folic acid, vitamins B6, B12 and C.

Treatment: The most indicated treatment to combat anemia is through correct nutrition, especially products that contain a good dose of iron.
It is recommended a diet based on: Lentils, spinach, egg yolk, prunes, broccoli, turnips and whole grains - with skin.

When the doctor is needed:
If it persists, especially in pregnancy and in acute cases.

Terapia natural:
* Chlorella - Rica em nutrientes essenciais, fortalece e reativa as funções vitais do organismo.
* Ferro - Essencial para a produção de hemoglobina do sangue.
* New Power - Poderoso energético e estimulante.

Outros nutricionais:
- Geléia Real - poderá substituir a Chlorella.
- Levedo de Cerveja
- Natuki
- Multivitaminas
- Mistura protéica - Shakes com suco de Aloe Vera
- Alfafa ou suco de clorofila

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